Why buy glasses here?

Every person has the right to make their own decision when buying something for themselves. Whether you end up purchasing your eyeglasses online or at your optometrist’s office, being properly informed on the pros and cons of either of these choices is important. So, read through the lists above again and decide what option makes the most sense for you. And if you choose to visit us in the store, rest-assured that we will help you find the best, most comfortable glasses that suit your face, personality, and price-point!

How to Find the Right Glasses for your Face.

In today’s world, it has become widespread practice to order almost anything online. The convenience and speed of online shopping from the comfort of your own home is certainly appealing. There is definitely a time and place for this, but there are some purchases that are simply better to buy in stores vs. online and your prescription eyeglasses are one of these.

 Have you ever ordered something online and when you received it in the mail, it was nothing like what you thought it would be? Some online purchases don’t have a return policy or if they do, it’s often more work. You have to find the right box, get the return label, package it up, and then leave your home to get it mailed out. All of this usually needs to be completed pretty quickly before the return period closes! So, what was initially planned as an easy online purchase, ends up being more complicated and you ultimately have to leave your house anyways to process the return! Maybe you’re the type of person who nails their online purchases Every. Single. Time. If so, then good for you! But maybe you are like the majority of us who regret some of our online purchases and wish we had just gone to the store from the get-go. When it comes to eyeglasses, there are a lot of seemingly little things, that are actually very important to getting the right pair of frames that fit your face and stay in place.


Benefits to Buying Frames in a Store.

  • There are many sizes and measurements that come into play when getting fit for eyeglasses. These measurements are more accurate when done by a professional optician or optometrist.
  • Quality Checks and Reliable Manufacturers. The optometrist you visit operates their business on repeat customers who are To maintain a good reputation, their products need to be of high quality and the manufacturers and brands they carry must be reliable and contain an assortment of options that are appealing to many different individuals.
  • Easy to Return and Replace. You simply have to pop back to the store and most optometrist offices will help you find a better option!
  • Helpful, Friendly, Expert Advice. Never underestimate the power of a knowledgeable optician and optometrist! Their measurements will be precise and their advice on ideal lens characteristics and frame shape, size, and color simply can’t be replaced by online scrolling and reviews.
  • Try on Glasses. Nothing is better than trying something on in-person and seeing exactly how the style suits you in real life. Even better, you can bring a family member or friend in to get additional opinions.
  • Support a Local Business. There is nothing better for a community than to be filled with people who support their local businesses.

Disadvantages to Buying Frames Online.

  • See Above. It’s pretty straightforward – the benefits to buying frames in an actual brick-and-mortar store are also the disadvantages to buying frames off the internet.
  • Low Quality Products. It’s no secret that when ordering an item from an unknown manufacturer on the internet, you may be running the risk of purchasing an item of low-quality materials and poor construction.
  • Fake Reviews. Many online stores have a vast number of fake reviews on their website. Often, paid commentators post advertisements disguised as impartial comments that rave about the amazing product received that is false and blatantly lies about the quality of the actual item.
  • Damage in Transit. When something is sent through the mail, there is an increased risk of damage to that item. You will then have to deal with the fuss of arranging a return and replacement.
  • Misleading Photos. Every device screen has different color settings that can be applied. So, what looks blue on your screen could actually be a completely different color. It’s important to read the description closely, but sometimes the image we see is hard to ignore even if the description is different.
  • Can’t Try on Glasses. As mentioned above, seeing eyeglasses on your actual face can never be replicated by an online experience. Even those fancy glasses websites where you can upload your picture and “try on” glasses are nowhere near to what can be accomplished in an actual store.
  • No Access to In-person, Expert Advice. For some purchases, having a second opinion is invaluable. Eyeglasses that you wear all day every day? Yup, this is a perfect example of something that you want to know how they truly feel and look on you.